It’s our goal to have the conference be a reflection of the inspiring green efforts of our sponsoring companies, member breweries, and what are members already doing in their own homes.

The following is an overview of Homebrew Con’s sustainability efforts:


  • Minimizing waste in the Homebrew Expo is crucial to a green the event.
  • Exhibitors have been asked to make a commitment to sustainability (and provided resources to do so) and have a pack-in, pack-out mentality.
  • Collection bins are available during set-up and tear-down to recycle cardboard, plastics (including shrink wrap) and the like.
  • Whenever possible, Freeman Exhibit Services will reuse materials, including carpeting and pallets.

Conscious Products

  • Compostable cups provided by sponsor Eco-Products are available throughout all areas, including the Homebrew Expo, the Craft Beer Kickoff Party, Club Night and sessions.
  • Please use your commemorative glass provided whenever possible!

Let’s make the conference a Green Event!