Exhibitor Sustainability and Waste Reduction Commitment

Please commit to these sustainability best practices.

Download a a PDF of the information below.

We strive to send as little material as possible to the landfill.

What you can do:

  • reduce waste
  • Use the facility recycling receptacles during move in/out and run of the show.
  • Use only products that are recyclable at the Rhode Island Convention Center (RICC).
  • Minimize packaging.
  • Bring only what is anticipated for attendees.
  • Provide information on a reusable drive or through a QR code.

Smart Exhibit Display Design:

  • Create signs and banners that are reusable or can be recycled.
  • Print handouts on a post-consumer recycled content paper using soy or vegetable based inks.
  • Use energy efficient lighting for displays.
  • Turn off booth lighting, monitors, and equipment overnight.t.

Transportation Considerations:

The following items are PROHIBITED and may not be brought into the RICC:

  • foam-core signage
  • any signage that cannot be recycled or reused
  • helium balloons
  • plastic bags used for purchases and plastic conference bags provided to collect show items
  • any hazardous substance or item including a hazardous substance

The following items are allowed into the RICC but must be removed at the end of the event:

  • vinyl banners
  • electronics
  • furniture
  • equipment
  • carpet, carpet scraps and carpet padding
  • plaques or trophies
  • pallets

The following items are recyclable and must be placed into the proper receptacles:

The RICC provides clearly marked recycling containers that include separate streams for recyclable, compostable and landfill materials.

  • cardboard boxes and signs
  • construction debris
  • glass containers
  • cans
  • paper
  • plastic containers, pots and buckets
  • metal containers
  • scrap metal
  • vinyl tablecloths
  • wood

Thank you!

Brewers Association Sustainability and Event Committees