Presentation Guidelines & Requirements

The call for seminar proposals for Homebrew Con (HBC) 2022 is now closed. Proposal decisions will be sent to prospective speakers March 2022.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal to speak at HBC 2023, please fill out this form to be notified when the call for proposals opens in Fall 2022.

For more information and questions in the meantime, contact Brewers Association Educational Content MacKenzie Staples.

Areas of Focus

The Homebrew Con 2022 Seminar Subcommittee is accepting seminar proposals for all topics related to homebrewing, craft beer, and beer culture. After seminars have been selected, they will be organized into tracks based on the following ten areas of focus. When submitting your seminar proposal, please select the area/s of focus that best encompass the content of your seminar:

  • Beer Styles – these seminars focus specifically on one style of beer (i.e. IPA, session beers, lagers, etc.).
  • Beyond Beer (Alternative Fermentation) – seminars focused on any non-beer fermentation including (but not limited to) mead, cider, sake, perry, cheese, bread, kimchi, etc.
  • Brewing Process – these seminars focus on the wide variety of ways to craft homebrew, and the process involved (i.e. brew-in-a-bag, decoction mashing, barrel aging, etc.).
  • Clubs & Competitions – this track covers anything focused on operating a homebrew club or running a homebrew competition.
  • Do It Yourself – for the DIY homebrewer looking to get into the nitty-gritty of their brewing gear and serving equipment.
  • Going Pro – these presentations will focus on future professional brewers.
  • Ingredients & Adjuncts – these seminars cover the use of water, yeast, malt, hops, spices, and other adjuncts.
  • New to Homebrewing – seminars geared towards new homebrewers or attendees interested in learning how to homebrew.
  • Recipe Formulation & Quality – seminars designed to help the audience improve their homebrew or design the best beer possible.
  • Other – any seminar that does not fit into one of the other categories can be submitted here.

Tips & Best Practices for Proposal Submissions

  • Read the Submission Guidelines thoroughly before submitting a proposal!
  • Pick a topic that is timely, relevant, thought-provoking, or that genuinely interests you.
  • Be clear and captivating in your title and description! The subcommittee is reviewing many proposals. A good title will invite the reviewers and attendees to join by making the topic and coverage distinct and engaging. Make sure that your descriptions support the title.
  • Provide clear learning objectives that demonstrate actionable takeaways. Make sure that your proposal clearly identifies what attendees will walk away with from your presentation and why this a must-have for the conference.
  • Know a lot about a topic? Prove it! Let us know what research, case studies, examples, and anecdotes support your expertise.
  • Proofread and edit what you’re submitting so reviewers know you’ve put in the time and effort for your submission.
  • Think about your audience: Who attends the conference? What are the key demographics for attendees? What unique perspective or expertise can you present?

For questions or for more information, please contact Brewers Association Educational Content Manager MacKenzie Staples at