Social Club Guidelines

Volunteer to serve your homebrew, mead and cider at the Social Club inside the Homebrew Expo.

Boasting kegs of homebrew, Social Club is open for all the conference’s thirsty attendees. Be prepared to make lasting friendships while sipping club-made homebrew during expo hours, Thursday – Saturday.

Participating in Social Club does not secure you or your fellow club members a spot at the conference. Please register for the conference if you plan to attend.

Beer Signage

  • Clubs are required to provide signs for all beers served in Social Club.
  • Please fill-in and print your beer signage in advance.
  • Sign-holders are provided. 


  • See the Delivering Beer page for more details about delivering your beer to the AHA Cellar.
  • Any beer stored by the AHA Beer Services team must be labeled. Here’s your guide to Beer Labeling.
  • Only kegs scheduled for Club Night or a second Social Club shift are allowed back in the cellar.
  • Any kegs left in the cellar past 12:00 pm, Sunday, June 25, will be left on the Town and Country docks for pick-up. The AHA and the Town and Country are not responsible for the security of forgotten kegs.

Move-In & Bar Set-up

Due to the quick turn-around time for Social Club shifts, clubs should plan to set up 15 minutes before their shift and tear down 15 minutes after.


  • Depending on how many kegs you are bringing, each club has access to part or all of a 12-tap bar.
  • Ball lock kegs are preferred, as the bar is already set up with that type of tapping hardware.
  • Tents are not allowed.
  • DO NOT bring your own serving equipment, tools, CO2, etc. These items will be provided for you.
  • Kegs are brought out cold; ice is not provided. Trust us; the beer will stay cold. It’s only 2 hours.
  • Pitchers and dump buckets are provided for every bar.
  • Open flames and smoke machines are strictly prohibited in Social Club.
  • Be creative, but be respectful. Anything that demeans or is disrespectful of others may result in removal from Social Club


  • Clubs are not allowed to bring in food samples for Social Club.
  • Food will be available for purchase inside Homebrew Expo & Social Club.