Homebrew Con Online Support and FAQs

  • First, you must be registered for Homebrew Con Online. Register here.
  • You will receive a confirmation email from the AHA and an access email from Crowdcast.
  • The email from Crowdcast is generated by AHA staff daily, starting June 15. You will not receive it the moment you complete your registration. Staff will monitor new registrations during the event to ensure timely access to Homebrew Con Online content.
  • To access the event and get your account started, it’s easiest if you click through from the Crowdcast email.
  • You do not need a password. Use the “sign back in” function and enter the email associated with your Homebrew Con Online registration. Crowdcast will send you an access email.
  • At any time during the live event, click Access Schedule + Recordings in the header of the Homebrew Con Online website or click Access Session in the General Schedule to go straight to your session of choice. You can also get to the live event directly from our Crowdcast page.
  • To view all the sessions in Crowdcast, click “Schedule” in the top left corner.
  • Then, you may add any session to your online calendars. Click on the session listing to bring it up and then click the calendar icon in the date/time line.

No, Homebrew Con Online is a member only event. You can purchase an American Homebrewers Association membership while registering for the event.

  • Crowdcast works over the internet and does not have a phone call-in option. But you can still listen on your smartphone by opening a seminar link in your browser.
  • Crowdcast is supported on the latest Android devices right in the browser, no downloads required. For iPhone and iPad users, you can download the Crowdcast iOS app.
  • Check the seminar time and make sure you’re in the right time zone. All seminars are listed in Mountain Daylight Time.
  • All seminars should start at their scheduled start time. If you’re early, we just haven’t started yet.
  • If the scheduled start time has passed, you should see the seminar presentation rolling. If you can’t hear anything, you may need to check your computer settings to confirm that your sound is on and the volume is turned up.
  • Worst case: If you can’t get your sound to work, don’t worry. The event is being recorded and will be available for replay right after the live broadcast ends.
This is caused by having the event open in more than one browser tab or window. Check to see if you opened the Crowdcast event multiple times by accident and close all duplicates.
  • Try pausing the event and then hitting play. Your internet bandwidth may just need a few seconds to catch up.
  • By default, all events are set to stream in high-definition resolution. You can adjust the video resolution by hovering your mouse over the player and clicking the gear icon. From there you can lower the resolution to either 720p or 360p.
  • If you’re still having trouble, click the question mark in the top right of the webinar screen OR look in the bottom left under the word LIVE for a link to help you with audio and video.
  • You can ask a question by clicking the “Ask a question” link just below the video feed (at the bottom right of your screen).
  • This is where you can submit any questions or leave a comment on a question submitted by someone else. Once the host has answered the question, you will be able to view it in the answered tab.
  • You can also upvote questions that others have submitted. Questions with the most votes will be answered first at the end of each seminar.
  • Chat is located on the righthand side of the video feed. This is a great place to say hello and introduce yourself before the event goes live. Chat lets you directly communicate with attendees before, during, and after a seminar.
  • Please submit any questions you have for the speaker/s in the “Ask a question” box at the bottom of the screen. Only questions submitted there will be answered by the speaker/s at the end of the event.

If you are having trouble signing in, there are a few things to try…

  • Click “Forgot Password?” in the Sign In window to reset your password.
  • You may have created your account with Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. Try signing in with one of those options.

Yes! But the method depends on your phone’s operating system…

  • Android: Crowdcast is supported on the latest Android devices right in the browser, no downloads required.
  • Apple iOS Devices (iPhone & iPad): You can download the Crowdcast iOS app to attend Crowdcast events. The link to this app will also be available to attendees during every seminar.
  • You can register and watch replays of seminars on all mobile devices.

Crowdcast works with desktop or laptop computers running the latest browsers, including:

  • Google Chrome – this browser tends to work best
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Edge

Click this link to test if your browser supports Crowdcast.

  • Crowdcast recommends a minimum of 5 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload for a stable and consistent stream of video and audio.
  • Crowdcast will automatically drop down to audio-only mode if your connection is weak. Click here to test your speed.

Please contact the Brewers Association Member Services team for more help.