Meet & Greets

Stop by these gatherings for funky beer lovers, newbies, women in brewing, and fans of fermentation. Keep reading for meetup descriptions and check out the week’s events.

Friday 11:30-12:30 (concurrently)

  • New Kids on the Block: Are you new to the homebrew scene? Is this your first time coming to a huge brewing conference? Are you an experienced homebrewer who’s been looking for an opportunity to help others? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this meetup is for you! We’re looking to connect folks — the green newbies and the seasoned vets and everything in between. Members from the Governing Committee will be on hand to foster connection and answer questions.


  • Mixed Fermentation: Feeling funky? This is the place to groove with your fellow the sour beer enthusiasts! Join other folks hip on mixed culture fermentation and all that jazz. This may include sour, mixed fermentation or anything other folks might call “weird” … whatever rhythm moves you! Either way, it’ll be beer!

Saturday 11:30-12:30 (concurrently)

  • Women in Brewing (and Those who Support Them!): This is the meetup for those who identify as female and those who support them. Meet like-minded brewing enthusiasts and make a connection for your brewing adventures. All diversity identifications welcome – we are still connected by beer!


  • Everything but Beer: We all love beer – it’s our thing – but we’re fans of all fermented arts. So come meet up with fellow attendees and talk about ALL things fermented (except beer). This is your chance to find a great sake expert, cider savant, mead maker, or perhaps a cheese-making enthusiast! We’ll have areas to gather in an unstructured format and give you a chance to make a connection that can improve your other fermentation efforts.