20 Sessions We’re Excited About at Homebrew Con 2020

Homebrew Con features more than 70 educational sessions over the three days of the conference.

Pour yourself a glass of homebrew and…




A Crash Course in Homebrew Mythology and Why It Matters Brewing Process Denny Conn, Drew Beechum
Ask the Experts Panel Brewing Process Bradley Smith, John Palmer, Jamil Zainasheff
Better Feedback for Judges & Entrants Clubs & Competitions Amanda Burkemper
British Fungus: Brettanomyces in British Brewing Historical Ron Pattinson
Building A Winning Mead Alternative Fermentation Michael Wilcox, Carvin Wilson, Gordon Strong
Food Fermentation Concepts for Homebrewers Alternative Fermentation Sandor Katz
Homebrew Finishing School: Describe, Dispense, Present and Pair Your Beer to Perfection Other/Misc. Rich Higgins
Hop Topic! Making Sense of Terpenes, Thiols, and Biotransformation in the Quest for Unique Hop Expression Brewing Process Mike Brennan
Lager Brewing Techniques: Fermentation, Decoction Mashing, and Hopping Brewing Process Bob Hall, Ashleigh Carter, Jesse Brown
Mastering Cider: Tips for Making Better Cider from Master Cidermakers Alternative Fermentation Jeremy Olsen, Chris Smith, Nathan Williams, Pavel Anisimov
Méthode Traditionelle:​ Brewing in the Champagne Method Brewing Process Annie Johnson
Milk the Funk: A Multimedia Approach to Collecting, Curating, and Disseminating Information About Mixed Fermentation Alternative Fermentation Matt Humbard, Art Whitaker, Dan Pixley
Oak: The Ingredient Other/Misc. Matt Albrecht
Recreating the Original India Pale Ale Historical Travis Rupp
Sensory Analysis & Using Your Words Sensory Analysis Bruce Buerger, Brian Joas
Some Like It Hot: A Kveik Brewing Throw Down Yeast & Fermentation Jeff Mello, Jeff Boarman, Amund Polden Arnsen, Levi Fried
Stewarding Quality in the Malt & Hop Supply Chain Ingredients John Mallett
The Science And Art Of Blending Hops Ingredients Stan Hieronymus
Who Ya Gonna Call? Troubleshooting Stories From the Front Lines of a Homebrew Shop Brewing Process John LaPolla, Douglas Amport