Meet Your 2022 Headline Speakers

We are thrilled to announce the 2022 Homebrew Con headline speakers!

Keith Villa

Thursday, June 23

Dr. Keith Villa

Brewmaster and Co-Founder Ceria Brewing Company

Go on a transformative journey with Dr. Villa, from his homebrewer beginnings, graduating to beer doctor, then professional brewer, and creator of a new kind of beverage.

J Jackson Beckham

Friday, June 24

Dr. J Jackson-Beckham

Equity and Inclusion Partner, Brewers Association

Hear how homebrewing provided the raw materials and know-how for Dr. J to step up, step-out, and grab her best life by the mash paddle.

Saturday, June 25

Bill Covaleski

Bill Covaleski

Founder & Brewmaster at Victory Brewing Company

Conversations over beers and homebrew lead to learnings about ourselves and each other.