On Tap in Pintsburgh

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was named one of America’s Best Craft Beer Cities by FODOR’s and Pittsburgh’s Craft Beer Scene includes more than 40 breweries—and growing. There’s a rich history of breweries in this city, with Penn Brewery being the oldest and largest craft brewery in Pittsburgh, specializing in German-style beers.

Here’s your ultimate guide to exploring “Pintsburgh,” host of the 44th annual Homebrew Con June 23-25, 2022. Registration begins March 23!

Summer Time Fun

Whether you enjoy biking, walking, or just relaxing on a city bench, the views and warm breeze that will make you fall in love with the city. The sun shines bright on Pittsburgh in the summer. The month of June is absolutely a delicious time to visit, with temperatures ranging from 76°F to 82°F.

Craft Breweries

Members of the American Homebrewers Association can enjoy discounts at Pittsburgh AHA Member Deal participants.

The Language

Here is a list of Pittsburghese words to use:

  • N’at = and that
  • Slippy = Slippery
  • Crik = creek
  • Chipped-Chopped Ham (chipped ham) = processed lunch meat made from ham pieces, trimmings, and spices.
  • Nebby = nosy, prying
  • Buggy = shopping cart
  • Sweeper = vacuum
  • Jumbo = bologna lunch meat
  • Pop = soft drink
  • Yinz = you all
  • Jeet jet = Did you eat yet?

For the ‘Gram

Pittsburgh’s most Instagram worthy locations:

  • Randyland – 1501 Arch St
  • Roberto Clemente Bridge – Downtown Pittsburgh
  • Allegheny Riverfront Park – Downtown Riverwalk
  • The Pennsylvanian Apartments – 1100 Liberty Ave
  • Duquesne Hill – 1197 W Carson St

We hope you have a great time in Pittsburgh for #HomebrewCon.