Rogue Ales Brews CHARLIE 2018 Commemorative Beer

Rogue Ales is brewing CHARLIE 2018 in honor of “Charlie Papazian’s extraordinary contribution to craft beer.”

The label reads:

Dedicated to the Book That Started it All.

In honor of Charlie Papazian and his extraordinary contributions to craft beer, Brewmaster John Maier has been brewing versions of CHARLIE Strong Ale for special occasions since 2001. With Charlie’s retirement approaching, we jumped at the opportunity to brew this incredible beer for the AHA’s Homebrew Con held in Portland, Oregon during June 2018. This bottle commemorates Charlie’s achievements and hard work which has elevated professional and homebrewing to where it is today.














Rogue Ales describes the beer as having “a light mahogany hue, rich caramelized malt notes, and aggressive hop profile, CHARLIE 2018 Strong Ale will satisfy cravings from hop heads and homebrewers alike.”

Style: Strong Ale

ABV: 7.8%

IBU: 100

OG: 17.7° Plato

Color: 22° L

AA: 83

Ingredients: Weyermann® Pale, Barke® Munich, Carahell® & Caramunich® Malts; Idaho 7 and Chinook Hops; Pacman Yeast; Free Range Coastal Water. Ingredients for this beer were generously donated by BSG Craft Brewing.

All registered Homebrew Con will receive a 22oz/650ML bottle of  Charlie 2018 commemorative beer.