10 People You’ll Meet at Homebrew Con

Homebrew Con is an event unlike any other. When homebrewers from all over the world descend on Providence, Rhode Island, this June, Homebrew Con will welcome thousands of enthusiastic homebrewers, all different in their own ways. You’ll meet lots of characters during your Homebrew Con experience, but you’re guaranteed to notice a few trends throughout the three days of the conference. Here are the folks you’re likely to encounter.

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1. The legit rocket scientist

If they ask you to be their guinea pig, trust us, you want in—you’re about to sample their newest fermented experiment.


2. The couple that brews together (and stays together)

They share all of the important things in life: a marriage, a mortgage, and a mash paddle.

3. The homebrew celebrity

OMG, it’s Charlie ZainaStrong! Let’s get a selfie.

4. The person who will definitely have to check an extra bag for the return flight

Channeling their inner trick-or-treater, they sweep through the Homebrew Expo and score a sweet haul of free swag (Pro tip: book a hotel near the convention center for convenient, periodic unloading of goodies).

5. The bearded brewer

Maybe you’ve already gotten to know a few Paul Bunyans through your homebrew club, but you’ll delight in meeting the many happy, smiling faces—bearded and not—of your fellow Homebrew Con’s attendees.

6. The quiet collector with the secret stash

You want to be near them when they pull a 1998 barleywine from out of nowhere. Just remember that sharing is caring.

7. The costumed crusader

At Homebrew Con, sometimes it can feel weird if you’re not wearing a costume.

8. The rookie

Jaw on the floor, frozen in place, and taking in the awesomeness for the very first time, everyone’s first trip to Homebrew Con is magical (Pro tip: we all turn into rookies when those Club Night doors fling open on Friday).

9. The “I’ll brew with anything” adventurer

If you thought your chocolate coconut basil porter was wacky, then fasten your seatbelt. You’ll try anything once, right?

10. The BrewGyver

Name an object—any object—and chances are this DIY magician has rigged up a way to serve beer out of it. All you need are a couple of faucets and a lot of duct tape.