2008 Presentations

Cheap’n’Easy Brewing and the Pragmatic Method Denny Conn

Accounts of Acidity: A Practical Guide to Brewing Berliner Weisse Jeff Current

The Perfect Pint: Ten Signs of Great Draft Beer and Why You So Rarely Find Them All in One Place Ray Daniels

Brettanomyces Greg Doss

Making Great Mead Kristen England, Ph.D.

Sensory Analysis of Bourbon Barrel Aged Beers Ken Ewing and Dave Harsh

Hop Substitution: How Do We Make the Beers We Want in the Crazy Hop Market Michael Ferguson

An English Homebrewer Perspective Antony Hayes

Southern English Brown Ale Antony Hayes

German Brewing Techniques Steve Holle

The Belgium Nobody Knows Randy Mosher

Residual Alkalinity – The Secret to Brewing the Best Beer John Palmer

Creating Balance Ken Schramm

Club Events Roxanne Westendorf

Optimizing High Gravity Fermentations Chris White