Exhibitor Sustainability Commitment

Please Commit to these Sustainability Best Practices

The American Homebrewers Association is committed to making sustainable principles and practices a part of everything we do. The conference venue will have recycling stations available during setup and teardown, as well as during show hours for proper disposal of materials.

In an effort to promote sustainability best practices at the event, please consider committing to the following:

  • We will strive to purchase environmentally preferable products for our exhibit at the event or reuse existing materials for our exhibit.
  • We will start the conversation around sustainability early in the planning process to allow adequate time to meet sustainability goals.
  • We will have a pack-in/pack-out policy that diverts all possible waste into available recycling streams, and then pack all other unavoidable material into crates/pack-out items.
  • We will pay attention to the number of samples and promotional materials distributed at the event, as well as how the materials are packed (e.g., eliminate individually wrapped packaging). We will either donate surplus samples and materials or take them with us.
  • We will strive to have equipment used on-site to be as energy efficient as possible, and power down each night until the show opens the following day.
  • We will communicate our commitment to other members of our team, while planning and on-site.

Helpful Recycling and Composting Guide (PDF)

Thank you!

Brewers Association Sustainability and Event Committees