Homebrew Con volunteers are needed to help before and during the conference to ensure everything runs smoothly. Registered attendees will receive an invitation email in May regarding available volunteer opportunities. Read the Homebrew Con 2020 Volunteer Handbook to learn more about rules and responsibilities.

Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteers work with the AHA Events & Membership Coordinator to ensure needs for seminars are met during the week of the conference. This could include pouring beer or passing around handouts.

Social Club

Volunteers may serve as extra bartenders, empty dump buckets, and refill cups.

Craft Beer Kickoff Party

Volunteers might deliver ice or help pour beer during the Craft Beer Kickoff Party.

Club Night

Volunteers might deliver ice, assist in equipment setup, deliver kegs and cases to booths, and/or help clubs break down at the end of the event.

Keynote Address & Welcome Toast

Volunteers will assist in serving beer during the Keynote Address and Welcome Toast.


Thank you for your interest!