Rahr Malting Tour !SOLD OUT!

Saturday, June 17 | 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

This event has !SOLD OUT!

Rahr Malting welcomes Homebrew Con attendees!

Join us for a tour of Rahr Malting where you will be guided through the malting process where barley is transformed into brewing malt!

Tours will consist of visiting several malthouses on campus as well as the new Rahr Malting Technical Center, featuring a state-of-art brewery and lab.

Limited to the first 80 tickets holders only. Tickets will become available May 1st at 10 AM CST at the blue colored “Visit Event Website” button linked below.

Transportation is included with your ticket. Buses will arrive at the Minneapolis Convention Center at 9am and depart 9:15am sharp. Return buses will leave Rahr Malting at 1pm and arrive back at the Minneapolis Convention Center at 1:45pm.

Food is included with your ticket. The Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub Food Truck will serve a choice of sandwich (18-Hour Porketta, Smoked Brisket+Cheddar, or Wild Rice Burger) and chips.

Beer from the Rahr Technical Center Brewery will also be included.

Like a brewery, a malthouse can have hazards such as wet/slippery floors and low hanging obstacles. We ask that close-toed footwear be worn, meaning no sandals. Be be mindful of your surroundings, use handrails where possible, and take it slow. We want you to enjoy your tour safely.

Fun Facts

  • Rahr Malting in the largest single site malting facility in the world.
  • Rahr Malting base malts are used for Russian River’s Pliny the Elder as well as thousands of other craft beers.
  • Rahr Malting started in 1847. That makes it 170 years old. Talk about experience!
  • Every bag of malt produced at the Shakopee, MN location is printed with a distinctive icon: a dinosaur inside a circle and bar indicating “Fossil-Free Malting”. That’s because 100% of the power for Rahr Malting comes from Koda Energy. Everything from thermal power for the malt kilns to the electrical supply for the office comes from Koda’s biomass-powered suspension fired boiler (the first of its kind in the US, and only the second one in the world). Koda is powered by agricultural byproducts, many of which are waste from the malting process.

Location: Rahr Malting
800 West First Avenue

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